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4 Ways to Make Your Nashlorette Party Boogie

Aug 21 2018 Comments : 0
4 Ways to Make Your Nashlorette Party Boogie

4 Ways to Make Your Nashlorette Party Boogie

Look around. It’s no surprise that Nashville has become the number two destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties (behind Vegas). And we’ve seen our fair share of locals and visitors alike throw their last fling before the ring. If you’re looking to add some boogie to your evening, here are four suggestions we have that’ll help please everybody in the group!


Nashlorette Party Boogie

  1. DRINKS, DRINKS, DRINKS (and more drinks)

Might we suggest a little liquid courage to start off your night? As Jimmy Buffett put it, “pour me something tall and strong, make it a hurricane.” Whether you’re a soon-to-be bride worrying about your upcoming nuptials or an overworked bridesmaid/groomsman who just needs a drink, we’ll have some signature Hurricanes waiting before (or during!) your whirlwind evening.

Nashlorette Party Boogie 1

  1. Make Reservations  

Nothing can ruin a night quicker than having to wait an hour for a table. That being said, it’s important to book everything possible in advance (especially for large groups). Most restaurants take reservations for large parties (us included!) and encourage people to do so.  

Let the venue know you're booking for a bachelorette party, because some places have special packages or VIP treatment for bachelors and bachelorettes. It takes little to no time to book ahead, and could save your night from disaster. There’s nothing scarier than a group of hangry women. We can relate.

Party Boogie 2

  1. Remember, It’s Not About You! (Unless you’re the bride, then it’s totally all about you.)

Things aren’t always going to go according to plan. But before you get worked up over nothing, and yes, it’s probably nothing, remember the real reason you’re celebrating. This night is about the bride or groom, and the exciting, scary, wonderful journey they are about to embark upon. So, put your pride, opinions, and expectations aside for one night and simply be there to celebrate your friend!

Nashlorette Party Boogie 3

  1. Schedule Down Time

If you’re planning something longer than one night, it is important to remember the real meaning of this party: to give the bride or groom a chance to be with their closest friends, away from the demands of a wedding. It might seem like a great idea to book nonstop activities, but it’s certainly not realistic. Plan the downtime, even if it means not crossing every single thing off your list. Maybe that’s simply sitting and listening to live music. We promise, no one will be disappointed and you might even find that the chill moments are what you loved most.


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