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5 Ways to Celebrate Mardi Gras All Year Long

Aug 16 2017 Comments : 0
By the 1730’s, Mardi Gras was celebrated openly throughout New Orleans. It took several
decades to grow into what it has become the Mardi Gras we all know and love; and in New
Orleans where... Well, you know what happens there.... Let’s just call it a celebration. From the
drinks to the beads, to the wild, crowded streets, the whole affair creates memories that will last
a lifetime. But, oh wait! What if you could experience the madness any time of the day, any day
of the week? Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar located in Nashville is the perfect place to
get the same New Orleans vibe and experience. We have come up with a list of reasons why
Mardi Gras should be celebrated all year long and why Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar is
the place to celebrate it.


 This is a picture of a bartender making cocktails. 


If you have ever had one of these drinks you know just how delicious (and strong) a hurricane
can be. A hurricane’s force of nature is no match to the strength of one of these drinks. As a
signature drink in New Orleans, it has become a necessity when attending Bourbon Street
Blues and Boogie Bar in Nashville. Our $7 hurricanes are the Southern Comfort drink of Printers
Alley. Pair the drink with some delicious gator bites or other Cajun cuisine to satisfy those taste
buds and you will be living the Mardi Gras experience as if you were on the real Bourbon Street.
To see a list of the beers, wines, cocktails, and details on our Hurricanes, click here!
This is a picture of mardi gras beads. 
2) Wear the Beads, Be the Beads
Leaving Mardi Gras means you leave with nothing less but mounds of the infamous beads.
Mardi Gras beads is an integral part of the whole experience. From the tasty Cajun food, the bar
hopping, the fun drinks, the constant sound of trumpets, the parades, the balcony views, and
staying out all night, you’ll want to live it over and over again. What better way to celebrate
Mardi Gras every day than by wearing your beads? And what better place to wear your beads
other than Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar!? Believe us when we say you’ll fit right in!
With our two story building and balconies lit up with strings of lights, it is the perfect atmosphere
for bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just about anyone to throw, catch, or wear beads and
beads galore! For more information, click here to plan your party!
brass bands. 
3) Cue the Brass Bands
Since 1995, Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar has held the best live entertainment from
legends such as B.B. King and James Brown. All day, every day expect live performances from
some of the finest brass, blues and jazz bands that have come near and far to Music City. Hear
the best in brass from the Stacy Mitchhart Band, Delicious Blues Stew, and several other artists.
Enjoy the music and see the New Orleans vibe right before your eyes. You might forget you’re
in Nashville entirely! It is Mardi Gras every day at Bourbon Street Blues with their soulful
sounds. To see a full schedule of performers click here!
This is a picture of jazz music entertainment. 
4) Second Lines, Roll On!
Laissez les bons temps rouler! Or, in other words... Let the good times roll!
Since the 19th century, this saying has been the heartbeat for the second line parades
throughout New Orleans. Jazz funerals were the beginning of the second line parades, as
people walked to the rhythm of brass bands that played solemn music to mourn the death of a
loved one. They would then march back to an upbeat tempo as they return to celebrate the life
that was lived. Eventually, this tradition turned into jubilant dancing and marching for a purpose
to bring community together. Organizations throughout the African American community began
hosting parades towards the end of the Civil War to provide loans and education to the newly
freed slaves. Second lines became neighborhood celebrations to honor members who had died.
This celebration continues today as Second Lines happen for many celebratory occasions. In
Nashville, here at the Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar, brass bands perform second lines
on the daily as people all around join in the fun. Come celebrate life with us and find out more
about the history of Second Lines here!
This is a picture of Bourbon Street and Blues Blues and Boogie Bar. 
5) Boogie On Down
For those of you who love to dance, or should we say boogie, we have saved the best for last!
Obviously, we have to include dancing the night away, Mardi Gras style. We’ve got live brass
bands, heavenly cocktails, and a high energy atmosphere! With a spacious area in front of the
stage, make sure you have your dancing shoes on before entering Bourbon Street Blues and
Boogie Bar. With amazing performances every night, boogie and celebrate life the Mardi Gras
way. You’ll leave wondering if you’re in New Orleans or Nashville! To find out when the best
time is to boogie, click here!

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